The audit department consists of professionals, who carry out their activity in accordance with International Auditing Standards and International Financial Reporting Standards, who have understood that organizations need efficient and productive back office services; they need procedures, controls and confirmation that the operating units are operating as required. Thus, our audit and insurance services refer to:


       🔵Auditing the individual and consolidated annual financial statements

       🔵Assistance in preparing the consolidated financial statements

       🔵Limited review activities

       🔵 Restatements of the financial statements for compliance with international accounting standards

       🔵Related services according to International Quality Control Standards

       🔵Financial due diligence for company acquisitions

       🔵 Other related services: missions to perform agreed procedures regarding financial information and missions to compile financial statements

       🔵 Assistance in the implementation of internal control procedures

       🔵 Internal audit activities

       🔵Auditing projects financed from structural funds in accordance with International Standards on Auditing

       🔵Other activities related to the organization of continuous professional training courses for financial auditors, as well as for interns in audit activity.


structural funds audit

tax and business advisory

corporate finance



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