In the field of human resources, the following services are performed efficiently and promptly:


       🔵Personnel administration and payroll

       🔵Drawing up and registering individual employment contracts

       🔵Preparation of additional documents to individual employment contracts

       🔵Elaboration of collective labor contracts and of the regulations of organization and internal functioning

       🔵Drawing up decisions to terminate employment contracts

       🔵Registration and updating of the register of employees

       🔵Calculation of taxes related to labor relations

       🔵Calculation of bonuses and additions to the basic salary: overtime, bonus, weekly rest, night bonus, hard working conditions, prizes, benefits, etc.

       🔵Drawing up and submitting the fiscal files for the company’s employees

       🔵Consultancy regarding the application of the labor legislation in force

       🔵Negotiating collective labor agreements on behalf of the management of companies, based on a mandate

       🔵Assisting personnel and payroll checks

       🔵Preparation of payment statements, fiscal declarations. 




structural funds audit

tax and business advisory

corporate finance

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